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Cecilia Malmström verwelkomt de stemming van het Europees Parlement over EUROSUR




927740_512_EurosurWebOn 10 October, the European Parliament adopted a Commission’s proposal for a Regulation establishing the European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR).

“I welcome today’s vote [said Malmström]  by the European Parliament which paves the way for the entry into operation of EUROSUR, before the end of the year.

“We all have in mind the dreadful images from the most recent tragedy in Lampedusa. I will never forget the sight of 280 coffins during my visit yesterday to the island. The loss of so many lives in such terrible circumstances is horrifying. My thoughts are with the victims and their families (MEMO / 13 / 849) en de reddingswerkers hebben al mijn bewondering voor hun inzet in zo'n traumatische situatie.

“The EU must step up its efforts in order to prevent these tragedies. The EU and its member states need to work hard to take decisive measures and show solidarity both with migrants and with countries that are experiencing increasing migratory flows.

“EUROSUR is a part of these efforts. It will make an important contribution in protecting our external borders and help in saving lives of those who put themselves in danger to reach Europe’s shores. It will strengthen the information exchange and cooperation within and between member states’ authorities, as well as with the EU border agency Frontex. Information on incidents and patrols will be shared immediately by the newly established National Coordination Centres and Frontex. This will increase our possibilities to prevent cross-border crimes, such as drug trafficking or trafficking in human beings, but also to detect and provide assistance to small migrant boats in distress.

“Let me underline that the full respect of fundamental rights and the principle of non-refoulement are at the core of all actions and operations carried out by member states and Frontex, within and outside the framework of EUROSUR. Its implementation will fully respect national and EU provisions on data protection. These strict guarantees will apply also in our co-operation with third countries.”

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