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Phil Hogan is de juiste man om met #EUTradePolicy om te gaan, zegt #EPP




“Phil Hogan performed very well this evening. He is the right man, at the right place, at the right time and we are confident he will lead EU trade policy with a deft hand,” said Christophe Hansen MEP, EPP Group Spokesman in the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament.

“In terms of trade, Europe is at a crossroads and must be assertive. As a former agriculture commissioner, Phil Hogan has already closely worked on a number of trade files. He is one of the most experienced candidates, and through his answers, he has demonstrated his in-depth knowledge of the topics and proven himself to be not only a resourceful and ingenious operator, but also a safe pair of hands to steer us through the brewing perfect trade storm of Brexit, an American President weaponising tariffs and a gridlocked WTO.

“For the EPP Group, international trade is a powerful tool to secure jobs and growth to stimulate competition and innovation. However, we need to strengthen our EU trade toolbox to defend European interests and values. Phil Hogan has demonstrated that he will fight to defend trade based on EU values, principles and standards, fighting social and environmental dumping or unfair subsidies by third countries”, said Hansen.

Phil Hogan notably reiterated his desire to develop the partnership with Africa, to defend the WTO, to renew dialogue with China and to establish a strong trans-Pacific partnership relationship through the finalization of ongoing negotiations with Australia and New Zealand. “With Phil Hogan, the von der Leyen Commission will definitely be a geopolitical Commission, the guardian of multilateralism! Trade will be in good hands!” concluded Christophe Hansen.

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