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#Moldova: Protest tegen herhaalde aanwijzing van Vlad Plahotniuc als kandidaat voor premier




MoldaviëMany people gathered together again in the Great National Assembly Square to protest against the repeated fielding of Vlad Plahotniuc for the premiership of Moldova by the parliamentary majority on 14 January. The people, mobilized by the Civic Platform ‘Dignity and Truth’ welcomed the rejection by President Nicolae Timofti of the candidate and encouraged the head of state to maintain his position, IPN reports.
The leader of the Platform “Dignity and Truth” Andrei Nastase read an appeal addressed to the development partners, by which they ask for support. “We do not want to live in fear and poverty, to be humiliated and to be taken by buses to protests where to applaud Plahotniuc for fear of losing our jobs. We want to live in a democratic state,” he read.
The event involved several MPs of the parliamentary group of the Liberal Democratic Party. These said that the seven Lib-Dems who joined the parliamentary majority will withdraw their signatures from the document on the formation of the majority. “I and my colleagues from the PLDM decided so because you entrusted us with the power to govern. In our raised hands, there is a part of your hands! This will untie the hands of President Nicolae Timofti,” said Liberal-Democratic MP Tudor Deliu.
“Today our actions are directly proportional to the wrongdoings committed by the political class. It is the moment of truth. We do not have the right to be indifferent because indifference gives birth to monsters. We raised these monsters during these years when we believed their lies, when we believed that they are taking us to the EU, but ultimately reached such a disastrous state,” said Platform member Valentin Dolganiuc.
Another Platform member, Chiril Motpan, said the head of state is the guarantor of the Constitution, while the people are the guarantor of the head of state, who should be supported. “Our feasts are ready to fight, but we reached an agreement with the whole country to go peacefully and democratically till the end. But this does not mean that we do not warn those who are in power. The police will not go against their own people. We are convinced that together we will succeed,” he stated.
Op 13 januari vond een soortgelijk protest plaats op het centrale plein van Chisinau. De organisatoren waren dezelfde.


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