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#Libya Het respecteren van het Libische politieke akkoord is essentieel, zeggen S&D's




20150113PHT07624_originalThe S&D Group in the European Parliament expresses its satisfaction in today’s adoption of a resolution on the situation in Libya, which welcomes the signature of the Libyan Political Agreement to form the Government of National Accord (GNA), as the sole legitimate government of this country.

Following the adoption of this resolution S&D MEP and vice-president for foreign affairs Victor Boştinaru said: “The Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) offers a framework to give hope back to Libya and the Libyan people. It is now crucial that the House of Representatives and its Presidency show a spirit of compromise and allow the establishment of a Government of National Accord (GNA), as the sole legitimate government of Libya. The urgent challenges ahead are numerous, such as reforming and building state institutions, consolidating the rule of law, improving the human rights situation and dealing with the phenomenon of migration, combating human smugglers, and last but not least fighting terrorism.

He added that “Daesh continues to consolidate on the ground, and a quick and effective response by a united national army can no longer wait. The EU and the international community must offer all the necessary support immediately after the GNA is established.”

S&D MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, chair of the Maghreb delegation in the European Parliament, said: “The vote on this resolution comes at a time when Libya is at a new critical juncture. It is almost a year since the launch of the Libyan political dialogue and the signing of the Libyan Political Agreement on 17 December was a very important event in which all the political actors involved demonstrated their leadership and their commitment to the peace and security. It is important to underline the Libyan ownership of the Libyan Political Agreement. The S&D Group stresses the importance of moving forward with the implementation of the agreement, with sustained political will and inclusiveness, to ensure the democratic right of the Libyan people and empower state institutions to address all the challenges Libya and the Libyan people are faced with.”

S&D MEP Ana Gomes said: “The EU and EU member states cannot continue to be in denial of the intra-Sunni ‘proxy war’ fostered in Libya by regional actors such as Qatar and Turkey, on one hand, against Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Emirates, on the other hand, playing Libyan parties against each other and thus facilitating the expansion of Daesh and other terrorist groups in Libyan territory. Targeted sanctions against any Libyan or foreign spoilers of the Government of National Accord must urgently be enacted. The EU must be ready to act by all appropriate means, if requested by the Libyan National Accord and the UNSG Special Representative. Besides aiming at protecting the people in Libya and its critical infrastructure, it’s Europe’s own security that is under threat and may have to be defended in Libya.”

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