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#InWorkPoverty - 'We hebben een enorm probleem van armoede onder werkenden voor vrouwen' Urtasun MEP




MEPs highlighted the recent Oxfam study on in-work poverty of women in the workforce in Europe. The study underlines the situation facing working women and the ways in which their changing patterns of work, the hardships and disadvantages they face are leading to poverty despite employment. The report explores the challenges and opportunities facing Europe’s working women, particularly those in precarious and low-paid work.

We spoke to Ernest Urtasun MEP (Green) about the report, he said that it Spain that one in two women working in Europe are effected by poverty. Urtasun said that the gender pay gap needed to be tackled, also precarity in work - which overwhelmingly effects women, giving the example of the tourism sector in Spain. He said that the gender aspect should be given special consideration in the European Semester reports.

Asked if the gender balance of national parliaments makes a difference, Urtasun said that if legislatures are male dominated these issues tend to be neglected and this effects public policy.

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